Marital Palava 101 – How To Keep Love Cheerful By Oloyede Michael

First of all, the manual for marriage has to be sought and all issues will be sorted . The problem is never love but lovers. A wise woman builds her home. I hold all formalities as regards marriage African. I.e the husband is the head of the family.
When love stops loving, all chips come hastily crashing down like a pile of books falling down a well sculpted shelf. Love is as strong as death. The opposite of love is Misery, self torture in the actual sense. The foundation is everything; when it is fictitious, it can not stand. Your vow will be put to test. It will be put to test like a house. The wind(whispers of mischief) ,rain(cold war) and storm(wrong decisions) will come over ; if it is built on the rock, you got no fear.Love is enough and wisdom is principal.. Love can be learnt. First, your ego must die. You must understand whom you are married to: A sanguine (Robin williams) is always out , no dull moments, also likes commitment without understanding the premise, because he just does not want to hurt anyone.. A choleric seem authoritative and does things irrespective of the cost(ADOLF HITLER). A phlegmatic is methodological and not given to uninformed surprises .Some of you are married to a Mother Theresa , spends and spent for only the goods of others at their own peril but eternal reward. Some to a Bimbo, just thinks of nothing but strokes and moans.Some, to a narcissist, just in love with him/herself . Thinks of doing the other person a glorious help for marrying them. Always self absorbed. Some, to a leech, just always sucking on the effort and time of the other partner, can’t make simple intelligent decisions or do tiny chores but waits for mutually one sided execution. Just a few examples which are original preconditioned for a NO! No!. But now that you are here after the altar vows, you must help them see the truth in love and unlearn those habits.
All these people can be understood and influenced. Understanding will dissolve mischief. As regards finance, some people are just funny with money. Some husbands are more concerned about the community reverence for them than their immediate family. You need to have a budget and a family goal. How you spend every penny. Marriage and existence has a cost, not cowries but funds. You must know your source and the conduits of disbursements. Get a family finance planner. Know your wheel of life. Avoid the 3 musketeers of financial recklessness. Mail me for more on this – Lastly, respect your spouse , honor them, re – invent precious moments, cover multitudes of their sins. No name calling ,no matter the temptation. Read books on successful marriages.Avoid nollywood make beliefs. Believe you can have a great marital life. Work it out.



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