Two Children Suffocate to Death Inside Locked Car in Yenogoa


Here is another reason why parents should always keep a watchful eye on their kids.

According to Vanguard, two children were tragically suffocated to death in Yenogoa, Bayelsa state on Monday evening after they accidentally locked themselves in a parked car.

The children identified as David and Grace were aged three and two, respectively and were said to have been of different parents. It was reported that no one knew when the kids got inside a Golf car that had been parked near their homes. They reportedly locked themselves inside the car accidentally while they were playing.

A neighbour recounted how the incident occurred, saying that the kids parents had gone out and they had been playing in the compound. Unfortunately, nobody knew when they entered the parked car and were only found unconscious at 5p.m after one of the parents returned and raised an alarm about their disappearance.

They were immediately rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, but sadly the doctors were on strike. They were then taken to a private hospital named Gloryland, but as soon as they arrived, the children were confirmed dead.



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