Touching Lives Episode 3: Airtel Tackles Scourge of Homelessness in Lagos

Touching Lives Episode 3: Airtel Tackles Scourge of Homelessness in Lagos

The next episode of Airtel Touching Lives will target juvenile homelessness in Lagos, the leading

telecommunications services company has revealed.

The coming instalment of the charity-focused programme, which will be the third episode of the third

season, will debut on Saturday February 25 on TV networks across the African continent.

The Lagos metropolis is packed with minors. Some of these children are either runaways or unavoidably

destitute. “Anyone who volunteers to provide relief to these disadvantaged young people deserves our

support,” Airtel has said.

Airtel Touching Lives would not only examine the devastating effects of vagrancy on the poor and

hopeless, but also bring attention to a non-governmental organisation, the Street Child Care and

Welfare Initiative (SCCWI).

According to Airtel, the aid organisation, led by Comfort Alli, has made a commitment to rehabilitating

and reintegrating some of the “250,000 street children” found in Nigeria’s commercial capital and most

populated city.

One of the children rescued by SCCWI is Azeez Rotimi. Before his encounter with the shelter, he had

roamed the streets of Mushin for five months. A staff of SCCWI described him at the time as “very wild,

shattered, and malnourished.”

Having lost his father and with no one else to care for him, he left his home in Osun State for Lagos. Six

months after his arrival, more adversity pushed him to give the street a try. He took this desperate

option “with the aim of gathering some money so that I would go to school, be it public or private,” he


However, for a homeless person, braving the elements is no child’s play, said Azeez. “You never know

when it’s going to rain on you all night because you can never predict the rain,” he said. Now, Azeez

goes to school and speaks decent English.

Hosted by Wana Udobang, Airtel Touching Lives returns this weekend to its usual slots on local and

international television, according to a timetable released by the telecom giant.

On Saturday, it will premiere on Africa Magic Urban at 6:30pm and on Africa Magic Family at 7pm.

Later, from 9-9:30pm, it will air on RaveTV.

The following day, reruns of the episode will be on Africa Magic World from 6-6:30pm, on NTA Network

from 6:00-6.30pm, and on ArewaTV from 7-7:30pm.




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