This Beautiful Hitwoman Has S*x with Corpse After Beheading Them (Photos)


Meet one of the most beautiful and cruel hitwoman of Mexico, Juana – also known as ‘La Peque’ — which is translated to “the little one”.

The 28-year-old woman is a former gang member of Los Zetas, a Mexican criminal syndicate. It is considered to be the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, vicious, ruthlessly violent and dangerous cartel operating in the country.

Speaking from her  her prison cell in Baja, California, USA, the woman confessed to a series of blood-curdling crimes: she drank and bathed in her victims’ blood and had sexual intercourse with beheaded corpses.


Citing local media resources Daily Mail write that Juana started rebelling at an early age, she was impregnated by a 35-year-old man at the age of 15, she then had to work as a prostitute to support herself and her baby before evetually joining the cartel.

Juana said: “Ever since I was a little girl I was a rebel, and then became a drug addict and an alcoholic.”

She started her “career” working as a spy, looking out for police and army patrols for eight hours at a time. Whenever she failed she was tied up and fed a single taco per day just to keep her alive.


After being a witness to dozens of executions Jauna started to get turned on by the sight of blood. Giving interview to the Mexican media she once said: “I feel excited by it, rubbing myself in it and bathing in it after killing a victim and I even drank it when it was still warm.”

She also revealed that she “had s*x with the cadavers of those decapitated, using the severed heads as well as the rest of their bodies to pleasure herself.”

‘La Peque’ is still awaiting sentencing in America.

Source: NAIJ



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