The Skilful 13-year-old Football Talent Known as Messi in the 2016 #copacocacola

The Skilful 13-year-old Football Talent Known as Messi in the 2016 #copacocacola

With his small stature and a disarming smile, thirteen-year-old Abdullahi Alabi Azeez has earned the nickname of ‘Messi’ among his peers. #copacocacola

Abdullahi Alabi Azeez (aka Messi) is 13 years old , a student of Rockford College Ikorodu and plays as a winger. #copacocacola

Azeez who was born in Lagos, as the fourth child of six children to a trader father, did not grow up to know his mother, as she died when he was still at a tender age. #copacocacola

The left-footer who comes across as rather small for his age – which also explains the Messi comparison – runs around the field with a rhythmic passion that makes it difficult not to see him as the centre of attention. #copacocacola

His low centre of gravity and quick dribbling was quick to catch the eyes of many, at the on-going COPA Coca-Cola U-15 football tourney, where the young ‘Messi’ is representing Lagos State, through his school, Rockford College Ikorodu, Lagos. #copacocacola

With amazing dribbling skills and control, the nifty dribbler whose little stature does not demean his potentials on the playing field has an eye for the goal, and he is already showing signs of being as famous as the Argentine Barcelona superstar whom we all know by the name, of Messi. #copacocacola

Just like his mentor, Lionel Messi, Azeez’s teammates can rely on him when the game gets tough and he has proven to be a trusted member of the team #copacocacola

Abdullahi Alabi Azeez scored a hat-trick at the COPA Coca-Cola grassroots final that made his school the champion of Lagos state and the team to represent the state at the regional leg of the competition. #copacocacola

Azeez is a resilient player and has played every single minute for his team at the ongoing COPA Coca-Cola U-15 tourney. #copacocacola

His coach would still be trusting the skilful ‘Messi’ at the National finals of the competition where eight champions from different states across Nigeria will battle out to emerge as this year’s champion. #copacocacola



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