Stella Dimoko Throws Shade At Linda Ikeji’s ‘Fake’ Hermes Bags

This is what Stella posted:

This is my piece of mind and I really do not care what anyone thinks of this post……

WHO CARES?Yesterday I did an Innocent post and some busybodies are calling me out for being Jealous over issues that do not concern me….This is not being petty,this is me saying my piece of mind…..Even if i was,How is my jealousy your business?
I have things keeping me busy and a handbag is the last thing on my mind right now.

THIS MEMO IS FOR THOSE WHO CALLED ME OUT on that post yesterday…..I do not own expensive handbags,I do not want to own any,i do not care who owns and i do not want to know….There are other things that make the world go round PLEASE!

Now move on to the next post please…Ah ah,ARE PEOPLE SO JOBLESS?

WTF!….DAMMIT, this memo to everyone(not just celebs) who flaunt Material stuff on the social media,it’s your choice and its not wrong but do it wisely.



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