See What Happens When You Google ‘Three Black Teens’ and ‘Three White Teens’

There’s a distinct difference between Google’s result for “three black teenagers” and the search engine’s result for “three white teenagers.”

The disparity was highlighted in a video that was uploaded to Twitter by a user named @iBeKabir this week of a Google image search for “three black teenagers” which turned up an array of police mugshots. He and friends then searched for “three white teenagers,” and found groups of neatly dressed smiling young people.



“I had actually heard about this search from one of my friends and just wanted to see everything for myself. I didn’t think it would actually be true,” Alli told USA TODAY. “When I saw the results I was nothing short of shocked.”

The Twitter post has been retweeted nearly 65,000 times since Tuesday, and Twitter users are using the hashtag #threeblackteenagers to discuss the implications of the video.

Since being posted, the clip has been shared over 60,000 times and risen to the front page of Reddit.

Commenters have also expressed their shock, one writing: ‘What the fox! that is just shameful! most white people I know don’t even look like that but there’s no excuse for that, sorry man.’

he had seen the search done before and ‘wanted to see if it was actually real for myself.

‘When I saw the results I was shocked, I feel like a search engine like Google should have more control over something like that. I understand it’s really just an algorithm but it’s still a problem,’ he said.



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