See How This UK Based Man Reacted After Getting His Nigerian Passport (Photo)

While some people are tearing their Nigerian passports for reasons best known to them, this young man who’s based in London, Sonshine -was filled with joy and appreciation after his got his after so many years of trying.

Read what was shared online by Bucky Hassan;

Sonshine’s ecstasy when he finally got his long coveted Green passport..

“It took 23 years after the first application made when I was 3 yrs old, countless visits to the Nigerian high commission in London, the Passport office in Las Gidi, literal hairs lost at bureaucratic frustration, adventures to lost mythical lands to pick up obscure documents, nearly a grand spent in application fees (not to mention all the cash money my mum burnt buying £250 visas over all that time) but…. I NOW HAVE A NIGERIAN PASSPORT. LONG LIVE HEASMAN. ALL ECOWAS COUNTRIES SHALL BE MINE!!!



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