Say ‘allo’ to Google Allo

Google Nigeria on the 21st of September 2016 announced the launch of Google Allo to the Nigerian market. Announced at the Google I/O Developer conference in May, Allo is a smart messaging app that works off your phone number and is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Google Allo is a smarter messaging app like no other. So whether it’s planning a football night out or even just catching up with family and friends, you never have to hit pause anymore. Featuring a preview version of Google Assistant, Allo offers you help right in your chat so you never have to leave the forum to grab an address or research a dinner spot. So, chat with Google Assistant one-on-one or type @google right in your chat and it’ll help you research and book a dinner spot. And guess what? The more you use your Assistant, the more useful it becomes by remembering your preferences and other information you ask it to.


Here are just a few more things the Google Assistant can help you with in chat.

Stay in the loop by getting the latest information on things that matter most to you, whether it’s news, traffic, sports or whether conditions. Use Google Assistant – right within your conversation to find businesses or shops around you; pharmacies, ATMs or banks. Research travel destinations, flights and hotels together with friends as the Assistant taps into all the great travel features on Google.


Keep the conversation moving, even when you’re on the go by responding quickly, but smartly. Allo makes it easier for you to respond quickly with Smart Reply technology, without typing a single word. Smart Reply suggests responses based on your conversation – just click the one you want, whether you’re a ‘LOL’ or ‘hahaha’ kind of person. Smart Reply will also suggest responses for photos sent in Google Allo. If your friend sends you a photo of their pet, you might see Smart Reply suggestions like “nice dog :)” or “aww cute!”


Express yourself with photos, emojis and stickers because we know that chat is more than just text only. You can say it loudly or softly by making emojis and text smaller or larger by simply dragging the “send” button up or down. You can also turn any photo into a work of art by inscribing on it before you send. Experience independent artists and studios we’ve partnered with around the world when you create custom sticker packs – because sometimes all you need is a “sloth riding a pizza” sticker that says it all.


Google Allo has also taken security into account – all chats are encrypted so your information is secure. It also offers an incognito mode (like that in Chrome), which provides end-to-end encryption, discreet notifications and message expiration.


Allo is available globally in app stores from today.


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