Popular Chef Caught Doing Cocaine On Live TV

This clip went viral recently, featuring chef Ľubomír Herko appearing on a the Slovakian TV morning show, Telerano. In it, he is caught by the camera right in the middle of cutting himself a quick line of alleged cocaine with a credit card.

There’s even a rolled-up banknote on the counter…. and it was on live TV. The camera quickly cuts away, showing a shocked look on his face.

While the Internet has been going crazy over the clip, the TV station that air the show says it was a joke. “We consider this an entirely inappropriate ‘joke’ that has no place in such a broadcast,” a statement by the station reads.

Maybe he was just messing around with some flour and pretending it was a line of coke? After looking at his eyes, we’re not so sure what to believe.

Tatiana Tóthová, a spokeswoman for TV Markiza, said that “there will be consequences” for the incident, though he hasn’t been reprimanded as of yet.

The chef insisted it was not real cocaine. He said: ‘I apologize if people took this the wrong way. ‘We had some powdered sugar there. We put it into a thermo-mixer and a bit of it spilled around. ‘Of course, the idea was stupid… I feel really sorry that it turned out like this.’



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