Omisore Brings Joy to Hospital Patients, Orphanage Homes on New Year Day in Osun State

Omisore Brings Joy to Hospital Patients, Orphanage Homes on New Year Day in Osun State


In line with his annual social intervention cause which started about 10 years ago, former Deputy Governor

of Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore (Phd) FNSE, CON, early morning of January 1 st , 2017, brought

unspeakable joy to hundreds of in-patients at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital

(OAUTH), Ife, and the children and care givers at the Covenant Orphanage & Welfare Centre in Moro

village, Osun State.


Senator Omisore arrived the administrative block of the teaching hospital at exact 9:00am and was

received by the top management and staff of the hospital led by the Chief Medical Director, Professor

Victor Adetiloye. Others on hand to receive the special guest were the director of administration, Mrs Bola

Alejo; Professor of Plastic Surgery, Professor Kayode Olabanji; director of finance Alhaji M.S. Ola Obaju;

head of nursing, Mr. J.B. Oni; the hospital PRO, Mss Oluwakemi Fasoto; head of Servicom; Mr Tajudeen

Balogun, and Dr. J.Olusanyan


Receiving the visitor, the CMD, Professor Adetiloye profusely thanked Senator Omisore for chosen to

spend his first day every year with the patients of OAUTH, Ife and at orphanage homes. Adetiloye

enumerated several intervention projects that Omisore has been doing to advance the hospital; these he

said includes, water projects, road construction, of new wards in the hospital.


“Today as usual, Senator Omisore has brought salvation to many of our patients. As we stand here today,

all the structures standing in the face 4 of our expansion program were all facilitated by our noble Senator

Omisore. Through his support and other corporate organisations, we have developed the hospital to an

international standard. Our quality of service is equal to none in West Africa. We receive patients from

across Nigeria. We have experts in all fields in medical practice; and we perform rare feats because we

operate at a global standard. Despite that, our services remain the cheapest; we charge at an affordable

level, but even at that, many patients cannot still afford to pay.

“Though it is a Federal Government institution, government cannot do it alone. It is from the little we charge

that we cover our administrative expenses. If not for such support we receive from people like Senator

Omisore, we might not have been able to develop our services to this enviable level. Here we have been

able to perform open heart surgery on 14 patients. We are known worldwide for renal transplantation; our

doctors are renowned all over the world, Professor Adetiloye exudes.

Commending Omisore, Professor Adetiloye emphasised thus “for coming every year to bring relieve to our

poor patients, you have headed a call from God to help the needy. We want to appeal to other leaders in

our society to emulate such a noble gesture of Senator Iyiola Omisore at giving back and creating values to

their communities”, the Chief Medical Director pleaded.

He then led the visitor and his entourage on tour of each and every ward in the massive hospital where

Omisore met, prayed, inspired the patients and handed each of them a goodie pack containing valuable

items. He rounded off the visit at the detaining patients section where poor patients that have been

discharged for as long as 8 months were detained due to their inability to pay their huge medical bills.

Senator Omisore sat with the hapless patients; inquired from them what led to their incapacitation. He

immediately ordered their release and paid up the outstanding debtsto the admiration of everybody. This

gesture brought tears of joy to some of the detained patients some of whom came from the Southern and

Northern parts of the country.

Omisore and his large convoy drove straight to the Covenant Orphanage & Welfare Centre in Moro ward,

another community within the state. He was received with appreciative songs by the inmates and care giver

at the home. Omisore sang with them, danced with them, prayed for them, and presented several packs of

packaged food items that includes bags of 50kgs rice, indomie noodles, gallons of oil, bags of beans,

cartons of tin milk, beverages etc.

He appealed to Nigerians to be their brother’s keeper. “You don’t have to be rich to help others in need. A

little assist will go a long way in the life of a needy. At the hospital, both the in-patients and the detained

patients always wait for me to come and bail them out on January 1 st of every year; and I am always happy

to bring that relief to them. I pray for God’s grace to continue”, Otunba Iyiola Omisore concluded.



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