Nollywood Actor Igwe 2pac Explains How He Survived Getting Shot 5 Times

Just like the real 2pac, Nollywood actor, Igwe 2pac, also got hit by 5 bullets, he finally explains how.

Late in December 2015, Charles Okocha aka Igwe 2pac, was accidentally hit by 5 bullets from the gun of a mobile policeman at a wedding in Nnewi, Anambra State. While speaking with Saturday Beats about how it all went down, he said: .
“I stepped out of the wedding venue to receive a call and then walked into a bunch of fans that made some complimentary remarks. As I moved closer to acknowledge their love for me, a policeman who was around also walked to where we were standing and said that my movies always made him happy. .
He said as a mark of appreciation of my works and the respect he had for me, he would shoot into the air as a form of salute, even though I didn’t fancy the idea. The guy was very drunk and so when he corked his gun to shoot, it fell from his hand. .
Unfortunately, the gun had been programmed to shoot rapidly and sporadically. I was very close to him and before the gun dropped some bullets had hit me. I had to hold my intestine, which was already out, with my hands. .
It was a very horrifying experience. I did not get to the hospital till after an hour even with the way I was bleeding profusely. At the hospital, doctors brought out 5 bullets from my body. There was a bullet that was removed from my leg and I bless God that the bullet did not hit my bone because I could have been crippled. .
Three major surgeries have been performed on me so far. Last week, after the stitches had been removed and I was due for discharge, my stomach suddenly burst open again, exposing all of my intestines. I was quickly rushed back into the theatre and I’ve been in the hospital ever since. It is a miracle that I am still alive.”



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