Nollywood Actor, Gabriel Afolayan Reveals REAL Reason For His Music Career

Popular actor and brother of famous movie director, Kunle Afolayan, Gabriel Afolayan has revealed the reason behind the title of debut music album ‘Hidden Treasure’ and why he is into music in the first place.

According to Gabriel, who is also known as G-fresh, he would be dropping the album very soon.

‘’I do both stuffs, music and acting, so right now, I’m working on my album hidden treasure and I’m working on my first feature film as well, so one thing after the other,’’ he said.

He also gave reasons why he named the album ‘Hidden Treasure’.

“From the title itself ‘hidden treasure, a whole lot of people know me to be an actor, and discovering that other side of me that can make more good cash as well and that can put me out there which is the music thing, and it’s a beautiful thing, that’s why I called it a hidden treasure, what people don’t know and they are about to see, that they are about to experience.”

Gabriel Afolayan is part of the renowned Afolayan entertainment family that comprises Ade Love, Kunle Afolayan and Aremu Afolayan. As an actor, he won the Best Supporting Actor award for playing “Tavier Jambari” in Hoodrush (2012). As a musician, he is known mostly for “Awelewa” and “Kokoro Ife”.



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