Nigerian Fashion Entrepreneurs To Benefit As Launches

Nigerian Fashion Entrepreneurs To Benefit As Launches

The fashion space in Nigeria’s burgeoning e-Commerce industry is set for an exponential expansion with the launch of, a dedicated online fashion retail marketplace for Nigerian tailors, fashion designers, shoe makers, wig makers and fashion store owners.

Targeted at users of all ages and genders, Just Shakara offers a secure marketplace for Nigerian fashion entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their items ranging from shoes, bags, belts, skirts, pants and shirts to gowns, blouses, hair, make-up, perfumes and many other items.

Giving an insight into what differentiates JustShakara, founder; Eniola Sangodara remarked,

“What we do at JustShakara is that we put the power in the hands of fashion entrepreneurs and customers. At JustShakara, we give our partners a secure and attractive marketplace to display their creative output directly to customers with very little interference. They regularly update us with pictures, sizes, descriptions, prices, availability and delivery information and we bring these products to the large audience on where we market them to customers. After deducting our agreed commission, payment is made to partners three days after customer payment in line with our standard return’s policy. This results in a risk free business experience for both partners and customers on”

You can like and follow Just Shakara on Facebook: Just Shakara, on Twitter: @JustShakara, Instagram: @JustShakara and Snapchat: JustShakara”

To find out more about Just Shakara, click here <>



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