Man Explains How He Was Scammed At Computer Village Ikeja (Photos)

A man sent his ordeal to our blog on how he was scammed on popular market in Ikeja, computer village.

WARNING:- Incase you don’t know, This kind of Scamming is becoming so Alarming in Computer Village, Ikeja. Becareful!!

He wrote:-

“Yesterday, I was in Computer Village and I was fooled by some guys selling phones and accessories. I told him a need an Android phone and my budget is N10k and he showed me a techno phone which he tagged for N15k.. I said to myself this phone is cool.

Then I asked him to bring the price down that I do not have up to that amount. To cut it short we agreed on 10k. He gave me the phone, I tested it, checked the IOS and the Storage, Ram and the Network etc.. everything is working fine. I paid him the money he counted the money the next word that came out of his mouth was “why?”, I said what.. he said: ‘Guy your money no complete give me my phone’. Suddenly a guy came out from nowhere and said “Wetin dey happen for here.. e wa ! make una no shout for here o”. The seller was like ‘Oga give my phone, I no sell again.. I don give you your money.. ‘

The other guy said.. ‘Guy commot for here na this phone you want buy 10k’.. I returned the phone..and within a millisecond I didn’t see any one of them again. I deeped into my pocket just to count the money to see if the money was complete.. and this is what I saw.

To everyone here, When ever you find yourself here and they refund your money, count it first before handing the goods to them. Thanks“

Open your eyes oooo!!!



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