Kenya Emerges Winner Off and On The Stage!!! #TecnoOwnTheStage

Episode 9 was a blast and celebrity tweet fights with Kenyans and Nigerians at each others throats on who owned the stage!

This was triggered by Pascal and Shapeera’s performance on the show.

Watch the video of their performance here>> 

This triggered a fight with the hashtags #NigeriansOwnTheStage and #KenyansOwnTheStage

The two countries had just recently recovered from a fight in Novemeber with the #NigeriavsKenya hashtag.

Pascal emerged the winner on the show with his amazing rendition of  Nico & Vinz “Am I Wrong”.

From the tweets we saw Kenya definitely emerged the winner online also.

unnamed (1)

From what we know the episodes get better every week now!
What battle does episode 10 hold for us? Do Nigerians really own the stage?
Kenyans won the Twitter battle. But which country holds it down till the end of the show?unnamed

Catch the scandalous performance everyone has been talking about in Episode 10 because of this sneak pic shared of the judges raising up their hand like “WOW!!?? “unnamed (2)
Could a Kenyan have performed so badly that these two Nigerian judges had their hand up?

Be sure to tune in this weekend to African Magic Showcase at 19:00CAT
You can always catch the episode here on Monday as we’ll definitely feature highlight!



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