Intercellular Nigeria Chooses Huawei for Rapid Network Transformation To LTE

Intercellular Nigeria Chooses Huawei for Rapid Network Transformation To LTE
On the side of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, Huawei held a signing ceremony with Intercellular Nigeria Limited a foremost and indigenous telecommunications company in Nigeria. At the ceremony, the CEO of Intercellular, Mr Emad Sukker announced a joint LTE 4G transformation of the former CDMA network and its plans for rapid expansion to provide high quality telecommunication services to Nigerians. With this alliance, Huawei will deploy an 800MHz LTE network to help Intercellular meet the strategic and service demands of the Nigerian market.0ccf0ace-5b76-4ba5-a31d-485f9ac10db0
Depending on its frequency portfolio of the 800MHz and 3.5GHz spectrum, Intercellular intends to provide services to Nigerians with the most advanced communications technologies available today, hence its partnership with Huawei.
Mr Sukker explained how Intercellular chose its strategic alliance. “Huawei is both the world’s leading supplier of LTE devices and also the most trustworthy partner. This LTE collaboration will help Intercellular accelerate our LTE transformation and give our people better and faster network services.”

In response, Mr An Jian, President of Huawei Global Wireless Networks Marketing and Solutions, said, “As a leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei is always committed to building a better connected world. Because customers are our priority, we propose network construction principles centered on user experience.05c7acb3-9db2-45e0-a2e4-1ce546648a26
At the same time, Huawei embraces an attitude of open cooperation with operators to help them make efficient investments and build a speedy, simple, and smart network that achieves the best E2E network experience. Huawei’s products and services now serve over 170 countries and regions worldwide, with nearly a third of the world’s population using the network services we provide.”95b1fe59-c511-4835-af65-c47ddb74d95f

Mr Feng Weixiong spoke of Huawei’s presence in Nigeria. “We aimto provide the most competitive network services and actively promote LTE to keep up with the increasing standard of communication demanded by the Nigerian people. Huawei has always been the preferred partner of Nigerian operators. We have carried out large-scale deployment of 20,000 base stations, witnessed the increase in the Nigerian mobile user base from 27,000 to 117 million, and contributed to an explosion in mobile penetration rate from 0.02% to 83.7%. We work hand-in-hand with operators to promote the rapid development of the Nigerian telecommunications market. As users demand a ROADS experience and global telecommunications undergoes digital transformation, LTE in Nigeria is the next step in accelerated market development where Huawei will be the strategic partner of choice.”321a11dd-fcc1-4e20-afce-ba659f7f93ac
The cooperation between Intercellular and Huawei will further promote LTE development in the Nigerian market with construction of an experience-centric LTE network to provide the best online experience for Nigerian users. Intercellular in this cooperation benefits from faster commercial LTE broadband development and transformation.


According to Mr Sukker, “There are many surveys globally that indicate a positive correlation between a country’s GDP and broadband penetration. At Intercellular, we believe that for Nigeria, the pervasive penetration of broadband will strengthen activities of individuals and MSME’s enabling them to expand their craft and services to a global audience. As a corporate citizen of Nigeria, Intercellular will continue to invest in advanced technologies that will empower Nigerians in their quest to achieve their aspirations and dreams’’.e8df0240-ad52-4995-aec9-fa7f8303f92b

Mr Sukker also made public the company’s intention to launch its services as early as the second quarter of 2016 in key strategic cities across the country.



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