Car Safety Tips For Children


As a new parent, you instantly get a lot of responsibilities you’ve never dealt with before. In order for your baby to have a safe and happy childhood, you need to constantly take care of a number of things, and one of the most essential ones is safety. Babies and toddlers are threatened by nearly everything, but the aspect parents should especially pay attention to is car safety. From the moment you take your newborn home from the hospital and to the moment when your kid is 12 years old, you should follow a set of rules for transporting children.

Kids travel in the back seat

Whether you’re using a car seat or allow your older children to travel without a seat, make sure kids under 12 never travel in the front seat. Statistically, the back seat is the safest part of the vehicle. Plus, in some countries it’s illegal to let children seat in the front seat. Minimize the risk of your kids sustaining injuries in a car crash or simply hurting themselves during the ride by comfortably seating them in the back row of seats.


Set a good example

Many parents are surprised when their children have absolutely no respect for car safety and traffic rules, but in most cases it’s the result of the parents breaking the rules themselves. If you want your children to have a clear understanding of road safety rules and why they matter, try to follow those rules as well. Always put your seatbelt on, don’t get distracted by the phone while driving, and don’t be rude or dismissive of other drivers.


Get the necessary gear

There are a lot of things that are either compulsory for child car safety or can be very helpful for you as a parent. We’re mainly talking about child car seats and boosters, although there are other types of gear. Car safety products can be rather expensive, but if you shop on Jiji and buy from people just like you, you’ll save money and time on finding the necessary goods. Visit the Gear and Safety section of Jiji here:

Childproof your car

Newer cars already have childproof locks and window opening mechanisms, so you can easily lock them anytime you take your kids out for a ride. Older cars rarely have this kind of protection, so you’ll either need to install new locks, or keep an eye on the kids all the time, so that they don’t accidentally open the door while driving or stick their head through an open window. In this case it’s better to have another adult to watch over the kids, so that you don’t get distracted while driving.



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