Best Graduating Law Student Sues Former School After Failing To Secure A Job

Best graduating law student sues her former school after she failed to secure a job

Anna Alaburda who graduated at the top of her class, is suing her former school, as she has yet to find a full-time salaried job as a lawyer, after almost 10 years of graduating from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The law degree cost her about $150,000.

Alaburda is the first former law student whose case against a law school, will go to trial. Her case states that the law school inflated the employment data for its graduates as a way to get students to enroll. Alaburda, who has a debt of about $170,000, has worked in various part-time positions, mostly temporary jobs reviewing documents for law firms.

She filed the lawsuit in 2011, arguing that she would not have enrolled at Thomas Jefferson if she had known the law school’s statistics were misleading. Despite efforts by the school to get her case thrown out, San Diego, Judge Joel Pressman ruled against the law school. Alaburda is asking for $125,000 in damages.



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