Airtel Touching Lives Season Three Broadcast Schedule Announced

Sunday, February 12, the Airtel Touching Lives programme will continue

on NTA Network, Africa Magic World, and ArewaTV. It will run from 6-6:30pm

on Africa Magic World, 6:30-7pm on NTA Network, and 7-7:30pm on


Hosted by Wana Udobang, who is also returning for a third time, the show will

maintain these time slots on the listed channels for the rest of the season,

Airtel has said.

This weekend’s episode features the Aina family, a modest family of six,

which suffered a life-altering fire accident in October 2016. In the brutal

inferno, the Ainas lost all the property they owned. Three of their children,

including a set of three-year- old twins, were killed in the accident as well.

Now, nearly six months after their crushing nightmare, Olusegun Aina, his

wife, and their surviving son, Korede, are still struggling with the attendant

mental scarring. But the new episode shows how the telecom giant provided

relief to the suffering family in the hope that the Ainas can finally find some


Apart from this heartrending account, Season Three of Airtel Touching Live

includes the account of a paralysed dad for whom Airtel started a new

business, and an orphan who received a scholarship.

Mr. Segun Ogunsanya, managing director and chief executive officer of Airtel,

said Touching Lives is produced for television so the company could promote

the spirit of “giving, self-sacrifice and love among Nigerians.”

Since Airtel launched the Corporate Social Responsibility project in 2015, it

has reached several millions of television viewers across the continent while

spotlighting moving stories of bravery and human sacrifice in the face of the

most painful tragedies.

Some of the remarkable stories the company has recorded include those of a

police officer who had lost his sight in an armed robbery attack but, in Season

two, he received aid from Airtel to live a more productive life. Another involves

a businessman who had chosen to become an aid worker after his arms were

gruesomely amputated by RUF (Revolutionary United Front) rebels in Liberia

during that country’s civil war. Airtel worked with him to expand his

humanitarian efforts.



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