8 Ways Google can be Your Late Night Wing Man

So you wanna have some fun this night and can’t think of where to go? Stay cool. Google has got your back.

Google, is not just a search engine. Many of us do not know that ‘Google’ can actually become that “personal person” you can ask to help you for directions, tell to wake you up in the morning, suggest places you can go when you’re bored stiff, maybe help you sound really urban and cool and act like you own the city, Yeah? yes!

Here are 8 cool ways Google can be your Late Night Wing Man when you need some after lights out fun:

1.         Thirsty for a beer?

Want a drink? Long Press on the home button of your phone, and say: OK Google…Show me bars close to me. Bingo!

2.   Don’t want the Michelin tyres forming in your belly?

You want all the fun but still need to count the calories, because you’re watching the diet? Here’s the drill: OK Google…how many calories are in a glass of beer?

3.    Ouch! Calculating beer rounds shouldn’t leave you dazed…

It’s not like you’re drunk. Not really drunk. It’s just that maths has never been your buddy. You won’t have to leave friends waiting any longer.  Just bring out the phone: OK Google….7000 divided by 3.



4.    Kill the Nostalgia with Google

Hit me some ol’ time music. Ready? OK Google…music by Sunny Okosun

5.    If you can’t help getting romantic.

It’s alright. Google can help you connect with her, if you’re feeling all romantic too. *Clear voice*

OK Google…send a sms to…

Then speak all the mushy-gushy feelings into the phone.

6.Got into bed late and need to wake up early…

What to do? Speak your wake up time into your phone: OK Google…wake me up for work at 7.30. And sleep tight.

7.    Hang in there, hang overs have cure!

Some days just don’t go as you plan. You need to clear the haze hanging over your head.

8.    And if you still think that it’s not good for one to be alone,  ask Google *wink* *wink*

[OK Google…how to toast a chic]

Know more fun ways Google can make your night more fun? Share it with us in the comment section below!



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