7 Things To Know About Datally, The Google App That Helps Reduce High Mobile Data Usage In Nigeria

7 Things To Know About Datally

Meet Datally, a mobile data-saving app by Google that helps you understand, control and save
data. With Datally, you can save more and do more with your data.
#1 – Datally helps you understand where your data is going
Datally shows you how much data you’ve used on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and alerts
you when apps consume a lot of data. Over time, Datally will learn your usage patterns and offer
more recommendations to save data.
#2 – Data Saver helps you save up to 30% of your data
Apps frequently use data in the background to update content and information. Many times, you
might not know this this is happening. Datally’s Data Saver feature turns off background data
for these non-essential functions and lets you manage data usage on an app-by- app basis.
#3 – Turn on the Data Saver bubble to see a real-time speedometer for your data
The Data Saver bubble blocks background data and tracks real-time data usage, whatever app
you’re in — it’s like a speedometer for your data. You can also block data with one tap if data
usage gets out of control.

Understand, control and and save mobile data with Datally

#4 – Datally helps you find great Wi-Fi nearby
Finding quality public Wi-Fi can be a challenge. If you’re in range of a public network, Datally’s
Wi-Fi finder will notify you and help you connect. You can even get directions on how to get
#5 – Rate Wi-Fi networks and help others
Once you’re connected to a network, don’t forget to rate it to help others in the Datally
community find great Wi-Fi.

Datally shows nearby Wi-Fi with quality ratings from other users

#6 – Light on your phone
The Datally app takes about 6MB of space, so it’s easy on your phone’s storage.
#7 – Made for you
Datally works on all phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher, and it’s available globally
on the Google Play Store.



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