3 Major Reasons Why Illuminati Will Never Make You Rich

Wish to get rich fast? You are not alone in such a desire. People get tired of poverty and long to become wealthy, influential and get all the best things in life. Illuminati in Nigeria promises to make you rich and to do it fast. But before you join the cult, get these 3 reasons why they would never keep the promise.

Why Illuminati will never make you rich

1. You will never join it

Illuminati keep their secrets. It’s a secret cult of immensely wealthy and powerful people. Their members are presidents, politicians, top businesspeople, etc. The cult was not created to make the poor people rich. They do not take any members, who do not match their criteria. You already have to be rich and powerful to be even considered to becoming an Illuminati member.

The cult is not interested in making anyone rich. They take influential members to use them for their own purposes. So, unless you already have multi-million assets to offer, there is no chance of becoming an Illuminati member.

2. You will join a fake cult

Yes, you can find many ads online inviting you to become a member of Illuminati. They promise you to make you rich quickly. They post testimonies of someone being poor and getting 3 million dollars in just one year. These people just use the name of the cult, and that’s it. In reality, they have nothing to do with the Illuminati.

It’s a fake, and it works pretty much the same way 419 or yahoo boys function. They want you to pay them a small fee for getting you into the cult. That could be just $30. You think:

“Well that is an affordable sum of money for making my rich quick. Why not give it a try?”

You end up losing your money, and someone ends up getting rich. These scammers do make tons of money on the people they fool. They find 10 people like that and get $300. They find 1000 people and get $30 000! Easy money! They do get rich quick, and you pay them for fooling you!

3. Getting rich fast is impossible

It’s a fool’s dream! You need to work hard, pray hard and trust God to open the right doors for you in life. God is not interested in making you rich fast. People, who get the easy money, often fall away from the Lord. They get the easy gain and lose it quickly, too.

Yes, at times we do need supernatural provisions to attain success in life. But God is willing to help those, who are willing to help themselves. You should try to get the best education and work hard to earn your wealth.

So, do not waste your hard earned money on paying some scammers to become an Illuminati member. Besides losing what you already have, you risk losing your soul and salvation, as this organization is satanic!



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