22 Reasons Why Men Have Shorter Lives Than Women (Photos)

All over the world men tend to have shorter life expectancy than women. Why does it happen? There are several reasons, but these photos reveal the truth!

Now, is there any scientific proof of that? Well, for one man tend to be more open for various destructive activities, such as using drugs, alcohol, smoking, having unprotected sex, etc. That shortens their life span considerably.

Secondly, scientists believe women live longer because they have to help their daughters to bring up their children. They are the grandmas, who actively take part in that process. So, their life as seniors makes sense. But these photos show some of the cases, why women live longer and they are funny!

He has a strong faith in that stick!

Why bother with ropes?

Have you ever heard of anyone dying of water and electricity? Nah, that’s not real.

The real life spiderman.

Who needs elevators?! Two men and a ladder are enough.

Guess what superhero is this?

This man got the balls!

Amazing new high tech weapons at work!

Another believer in sticks and their strength!

How many men do you need to weld?

Poor men’s shade sun protection cream.

Now you know why men have shorter lives than women! Ladies would never do such a thing!



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