6 Very Annoying Things Nigerian Uncles Do

Nigerian uncles probably go to a special school where they learn how to be Nigerian uncles. They love you like their you’re the younger sibling they never had but when it comes to punishing you, they have a PhD in that regard. A Niegrian uncle could make you the subject of ridicule inn font of his friends and all of them will ‘yab’ you none stop like you don’t even exist. You only make worse when you make it obvious they are getting to you ebcause they won’t stop. Some people who have those kinds of uncles are already remembering some awkward moments.  All9ja.com brings you more in this funny piece…

kanye confused

Be nice to you infront of your parents and whoop the heck out of you the moment your parents leave home: They could act like they can’t hurt a fly, that is only becaue our parents are still in the house but as soon as they leave, it is like Hitler just emerged from the dead. they are going to make you serve one punishment upon another, and there’s nothing you could do about it.

look of stress

Takes the remote when you are watching your favourite channel and switches it to something he knows clearly that you hate to watch:  They know you don’t watch football but that is exactly what they want to watch, just when you are watching your favourite programme on TV. Except you want to end up going to sleep, you would kindly watch it with them wihout complaining.


Sends you to buy something millions of miles away and still won’t sy thank you when you get them: They don’t care if you have to trek ten thousand miles to get them soemthing they want, you are very well going to and on time for that matter. These uncles have no chill at all -LOL!

Gives you homework during weekend and holidays: Isn’t there a reason why it is called weekend or holiday? well, these Nigerian uncles don’t care. these give you a ton of them and would mark them afterwards. You don’t want tofail woefully because they are going make your life miserable by crowing you the duns of the family. Even your parents can’t save you on this one.

obama scowl

Eat your meat: Some uncles know how to oppress a lot. Even if its your parenst house or you meet them at your grandparents house, some of them are like the ypical secondary school bully. They eat you meat, drink you juice and still threaten you(with that face), if you tell anyone.

dance well

When your uncle finally get a very good job and is moving out of ou parents house, that is how you celebrate – But the truth is, they love you still!!!



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