See The Epic Response Of A Wife After Getting Goodbye Message From Husband


This husband thought he was smart. He got a new woman and new life, leaving his miserable spouse behind.

Read the message he left for his wife below:-

“My dear ex wife!

I write you this letter to say: farewell. I leave you for good. For the past 7 years I was a good man and a loving husband, but I did not receive anything in return… The last two weeks were especially horrible. I found out from your boss that you quit your job.

Last week you came back home and even did not notice my new haircut. I cooked your favorite food and put on my new silk pants. It took you just two minutes to eat and you got busy watching your favorite seasonal movies. Then you went straight to bed. I have not heard you telling me of your love and getting active in bed. I suspect you have someone else or just stopped loving me. Whatever it is, I quit.”

Your ex-husband

NOTE:- Do not even try to find me. Your sister and I moved far away forever! Be happy.

She wrote him back and she indeed had some stunning news for the guy!

“My dear ex-husband!

Your letter is a real joy to me. Indeed, we have been married for 7 years. Yet, I did not see a good man in you. Yes, I watch those movies to stop hearing your endless whining and that does not always help. I did notice your new haircut, but you look so stupid with it. I preferred to say nothing instead of criticizing you.
And you did cook my favorite food, but you must have confused me and my sister. Over 7 years I do not eat any pork! As to your new silk underwear, I noticed a price tag on it – $49.99. My sister just happened to borrow $50 from me today!

Nonetheless, I kept on loving you. I thought we could fix things up. I just won 10 million dollars in a lottery and I quit my job to go to Jamaica. I even bought two tickets for you and me. When I came home I saw your letter there. I believe it is meant to be. I hope you would be happy in your new life. My lawyer said that your letter will not let you have a penny from my money! Good luck!”

Your rich and free ex-wife!

Be Sincere, If You are the Man, What Would you do?

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