‘You Don’t Buy a Car Without Test Driving it!’ Here are 7 Reasons Why Most People Prefer Sex Before Marriage

A few days ago, the video of a Ghanaian man crying uncontrollably during his wedding ceremony went viral online and most of the commenters were curious about why he broke down in tears. Now, it has been revealed that the couple, who dated for 4 years, had decided to wait until after marriage to have sex.

Now we understand the groom’s tears of joy?

Naturally, people reacted to their story with many commending the guy for waiting that long whilst admitting they couldn’t do the same. Others poked fun at the lady, saying she will ‘get it good’ from her hubby after he waited that long.

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The debate on sex before or after marriage is an old one that sometimes leans towards, controversy especially for those who prefer to wait.

From the religious stance, it is the right thing to wait until marriage to have sex because it is believed that God created it for two people to share a spiritual, emotional, and physical union. It also is supposed to be the sum total of commitment, which is marriage. On the other hand, sex outside of marriage is believed to be mostly purely physical and there is the belief that people who don’t end up together after having a sexual relationship find it hard to let go. But is this true?

Singer Ciara and her fiance Russell Wilson have decided to be celibate until they are married. For them, this decision was important because they wanted a relationship premised on mutual affection, respect and emotional intimacy. Same with Think Like a Man actress Megan Good, who waited until she married her film executive husband, DeVon Franklin before having sex. She said she was done sharing a bond with different men and would rather wait till she found the one. The couple even wrote a book on celibacy titled The Wait.

However, most people prefer to have sex before even considering marriage to a person because of a number of reasons. What if the sex ends up being terrible? And in extreme cases, what if she/he is infertile? These days, most people would rather have experienced lovers over virgins because they don’t have time for tutorials.

So here’s why people will rather seal the deal than wait before getting married.

1. Fear of weak performance on the part of the guy

2. Experience is important


3. Because some just can’t do without it

4.Wouldn’t the relationship be boring?

5. Masturbation isn’t as good as the real deal.

6.Hormones don’t even help matters at all.

7. How good is the merchandise?

On the opposing side, here are the reasons why some would rather wait till they say ‘I do.’


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