2baba Finally Speaks On Beef Between His Wife Annie and Pero Adeniyi!


2Baba is clearing the air about the alleged beef between his wife Annie and baby mama Pero Adeniyi.

A few weeks ago, Annie Idibia caused a major buzz on Instagram when she shared some controversial posts about mothers using children against their fathers. She wrote “Shout out to all the separated parent/ex who don’t stress the other parent about seeing their own kids”  before lauding 2Baba’s other baby mama Sumbo Ajaba.

Naturally, some of her fans assumed she was throwing shade at Pero Adeniyi, the mother of 2Babas three children who live in America. Soon enough, the drama turned messy and a lady alleged to be Pero’s sister didn’t hesitate to come after Annie with some serious accusations.

Today 2baba, who kept mum throughout the brouhaha, is letting the world know that there is no beef between his wife and Pero.  In fact, according to him, the two are not rivals but actually best friends. The 40-year-old singer made the revelation in a video on Annie’s Snapchat which was captioned, ” Pero and I are cool thou, no fighting! 1Love.”



We are glad to hear this, but then the BFF proclamation will definitely be lent some credence if the ‘best friends’ Pero and Annie take a picture together. They could take a cue from Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner perhaps.



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