2Days Of Fun & Adventure With #GPhotosNG At Erin Ijesha Waterfalls & Ikogosi Warm Springs


I know this is coming late but trust me a good trip is not that easily forgotten so today i will be telling you guys about my amazing trip with Google Photos Nigeria and some other amazing Nigerians to the Erin Ijesha waterfalls in Osun state and the Ikogosi Warm Spring in Ekiti State. I have a whole lot of pictures showing the beauty of nature and the fun trip that i can’t wait to show you guys.


i will be telling most of my stories with some of the many beautiful pictures i took and others by our amazing Photog  Metezy who was behind the camera getting the best shots of us the whole time.


Google Photos is a new photo gallery from Google, made for the way you take photos today. Your photos and videos will be automatically backed up and organized, so you can find and share them faster – and never run out of space on your phone.

The trip which was sponsored by Google Photos Nigeria had myself and some other influential Media Personalities on board. Talk about having fun and networking at the same time, the total package. My adventure started at the Quadrant MSL Group‘s office at 8AM on the morning of the 22nd of September 2016.


L – R: Me meeting Folarin from Pulse, Mich from Google Nigeria and Nosa Of Quadrant at the Quadrant company in Lagos

As soon as I arrived, It was goodies all the way. While i registered, i got myself a beautiful Nigerian made Ankara bag (See photo below) containing lots of goodies.



                The beautiful Ankara bag

The adventure was yet to start and i had all these goodies to myself. Well, no one told me we were about to be spoilt by Google. The whole trip was full of more surprises.


                        My travelling companion


And then breakfast too came in a well packaged box the Google way. lol


And then our day started at about 10 AM after hanging out with the other guys who i will be introducing to you in no time.


With Google, you can only travel in style and i wasn’t surprised when i stepped out to meet this luxurious bus waiting to take us on our adventure. Did i mention that we were just twelve? Well, yes. and we owned that bus.


Our tour bus! Travelling in style with Google Photos



Our road trip started through Lagos, Ibadan down to Osun and Ekiti so you can imagine that i still have a lot to tell on this adventure.

We got moving and it was introduction time. I got to meet Mich, Google’s PR Lead who came in from South Africa, Mr Kunmi from Mirus Events who put the whole trip together, the very intelligent Mr Nosa of the Quadrant MSL Group, IK Nwosu of BellaNaija, Demola Expoze, Tosin (OloriSupergal), Lamide Live, Bella Rose of CityFM, Folarin of PulseTV and Kolapo of the CableNg.


Lamide and BellaRose


Demola Expoze, Folarin and Mich


Olorisupergal and Mr Kunmi


Social Prefect and Olorisupergal


Nosa and Kolapo


The team

While we were still battling Lagos traffic, we had a quick game of ‘Two Truths and a Lie’. So, you make three statements and everyone takes a guess on which of the statements is false, and the ones they think is true.


After that we played the ‘concentration game’ where someone asks the group to give names of things/people/places that can be classified into a group and guess who was the winner after all the rounds. ME!!. Now here comes the sad part, i got this One N50 Yoghurt (pictured below) from them as my prize.


My victory ceremony

Our almost uneventful journey took us through the city of Ibadan, Ife till we got to the Erin Ijesha in Osun State and the first sight i saw as i emerged from the bus was a beauty.


Then a group photo before we set off to explore the Erin Ijesha of Osun State.


As we approached the stairs leading to the ancient waterfalls, we were welcomed by this man and his talking drum and we couldn’t help but shuffle our feet to the beautiful sounds.

fullscreen-capture-10272016-61703-pm fullscreen-capture-10272016-61737-pm

Our Tour Guide revealed to us that the Erin Ijesha Falls was discovered by a hunter, named Akila, who is the brother of Oduduwa about 831 years ago.

He said Oduduwa named it Erin Ijesha, connoting peace. The Falls is also a god, named Olumirin.

The Erin Ijesha Waterfalls have 7 levels. Our limbs couldn’t take us higher than the second level. I suggest you are well fit and prepared if you ever decide to visit.

The Erin Ijesha is nature at its beautiful best. I will let some of my photos do the talking here.

fullscreen-capture-10272016-62227-pm fullscreen-capture-10272016-62255-pm fullscreen-capture-10272016-62317-pm fullscreen-capture-10272016-62350-pm fullscreen-capture-10272016-62422-pm fullscreen-capture-10272016-62509-pm

We left the Erin Ijesha at about 4:45PM and headed for Ekiti where we were booked to spend the night at the Ikogosi resort.


       My room at the Ikogosi resort


By the time we all got back together for dinner, we were hungry. Only the famous Ekiti pounded yam would do



Some others still decided to have rice and it came beautifully decorated. 

We all retired to a good night. An eventful day it was.


We reconvened for breakfast in the morning before we set ut to explore the Ikogosi warm spring

After breakfast we proceeded to take a tour of the Ikogosi Warm Springs.

fullscreen-capture-10272016-63917-pm fullscreen-capture-10272016-64003-pm   fullscreen-capture-10272016-64152-pm fullscreen-capture-10272016-64123-pmunnamed-3

According to our tour guide, the Origin of the Cold and Water Spring started when a certain hunter from Ife named Olosun was walking in the forest when he heard a strange sound -the sound of waters. When he checked he saw the water and discovered that a part was warm while the other was cold.

On seeing the springs, he went back to Ife to report what he had seen and ask why it was so.


              Ogangan and his two wives

Legend has it that the Ifa narrated the story thus: A certain man, Ogangan had two wives. One of them Awele, was hot tempered, while the other, Awon, was cold tempered.

The women were always quarrelling. So one day, while quarrelling, they turned into water. Awele became the warm water while Awon became the cold water.

Upon getting back to see what had become of his wives, Olosun transformed into a rock to guide them. Olosun is the rock surrounding the water.

And there our adventure ended as we head back for Lagos.



How did i manage to get these much pictures and videos on the trip without having to delete others with warning of a full memory? I did it with the help of Google Photos.

The Google photos app can be downloaded from the app store on your device and viewed on your computer at https://photos.google.com/ .

Once that is done, you import the photos from your library to Google Photos. Once there, the ‘magic’ can begin. You also have to enable backup so that nothing is lost or in a case of low storage space.

Here are some cool stuffs that Google Photos can also do for you:

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  • Smarter search is incorporated in Google Photos. You can search through your photos with a keyword much like what you do when searching for images in Google Search. For example, when searching your wedding photos with the keyword, ‘food’, will return every image of food in it. You can also search with a colour keyword like ‘red’, green or blue.

  • A new feature of Google Photos is that it allows you to snap few photos in succession and create an animated GIF. This function can be fun for your wedding photos.



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