10 Things You Will Understand If You Ever Attended Unilag

If you have heard the saying ‘the university of first choice and the nation’s pride’ before, then that is Unilag. The University of Lagos which is popularly known as Unilag was founded in 1962 and has remained an institution which provides qualitative and research oriented education to many people across the globe.

This institution is one of a kind in Nigeria and has produced thousands of graduates since its inception. Unilag is an happening school and no doubt one of the favorites of youngsters. The university’s location is an added advantage as students get wind of things happening in the town quickly. Also, they have the exposure most of the other universities in Nigeria lack.

If Unilag is your alma-mata, then you would understand the basic things that would be shared in this piece. Here are some of the things you should know if you are familiar with the institution:

1. When you start wondering if they are sharing money at the library

There are certain times in Unilag that the library starts to trend. The exam period is one of those times; the teeming crowd you would meet at the entrance would leave you amazed. And since you need to have a tally when you are dropping your bags, you would definitely have to wait or risk having your things been stolen.

Even after you must have made it in, finding a seat would be another battke you have to silently fight or risk being sent out.

2. That awkward moment when students read with street lights

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

Unilag students can like to be serious sha; there are moments when you would see students using street lights and GTB ATM light for overnight reading. Nawa oh! They do not joke with the examination period and would rather read and kill themselves.

Due to the crowd that would have flooded the library, AKT and other places that might have been conducive enough for reading, students make use of the street lights. Some use the light from the GTB to read at night.

3. When you see a long queue at Yaba

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

There are moments when you totally hate yourself; imagine that moment when you get to Yaba and see the long queue for shuttle. The annoying part is that you never can predict when the campus shuttle would be scarce.

And if you have an 8 o’clock class or a test for that time, heaven bless your soul; you don enter one chance be that. Wake up early next time or find ways to avoid being stuck at Yaba.

4. The way Amphitheatre looks when a fellowship calls for exam prayers.

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

You will see all sorts of people at Amphitheatre during exam prayers; the socialites and those that do not belong to any campus fellowship would also be there as everyone wants to pass. Unilag students like every other Nigerian are sentimental when it comes to the issue of prayer.

Many people would rather sleep in worship centres during exams than to read. Although prayer changes things, heaven will only help those who help themselves.

5. When you see people dressed to lectures like it is fashion week

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

And this is the part where we love most; Unilag students are fashionable to a fault. You would always see those who will let you know what the fashion trend is.

You may be confused when you see the students come out from different angles looking like models. Unilag students are always slaying; every day for them in school is like walking the runway. They take their appearance very serious and do all they could to combine their outfits well.

6. When your squatter shows up with another squatter

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

During exams, many students want to be close enough to the school in order to avoid getting stuck in the much dreaded Lagos traffic.

At this point, your squatter would also become a stake holder in the room and invite another squatter to come share your space with you. Although this could be very annoying, you just have to realize that everyone is trying to pass. Sorry ooo.

7. When the campus shuttle refuse to carry you because of change

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

If you are familiar with Unilag, you would understand that your N30 for shuttle must always be in hand. If you present a thousand naira note to the cab driver, you are most likely to remain in the park all day. The cab drivers are known for sounding their strict warning of asking passengers to enter with their change.

8. When jaja boys would not stop calling you from their rooms

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

The popular boys’ hostel known as Jaja hostel could be a place to thread with caution at times. You really do not know the number of people watching you from their rooms. Sometimes, the boys could become annoying and start to call out girls. Just ignore them and leave their arena.

9. When you go to Iya Moria and food has finished

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

Unilag students enjoy eating at Iya Moria’s place; and on days when hunger has wired you, you will be close to tears if you have to get to Iya Moria’s shop and discover food has finished.

10. When the school decides to shut down the gate

things you can relate to if you ever attended Unilag

Whenever the students have a little protest, you can be sure the gate would get locked thereby shutting everyone out. This seems to be one of the university’s control measures when students start to gather to air their opinion about issues.



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