Video Surfaces of Peter Okoye Promoting Congo Concert he Claimed he Knew Nothing About!

July 9, 2016


Yesterday Peter Okoye went on social media to say that he wasn’t aware of aPSquare concert set to hold in Congo and he went as far as making threats of taking legal actions against his former manager, Jude Okoye.

Click Below if you missed it.

A video clip has re-surfaced of both Paul and Peter promoting the concert which was to be sponsored by Airtel. The video was shared exclusively with LIB by the Airtel East Africa team.

While some are using the video to contradict Peter, other argue that the video is from 2013 and could possibly have been for another concert which held at that time as opposed to this new concert in 2016.

Songs mentioned in the video include “Alingo” which was released in 2012, “Personally” released in late June 2013, therefore it is difficult to ascertain the actual date the video was recorded.

You decide.

Watch the video below.



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