Corruption, The Major Bane To National Development – Way Forward By Ajiboye Jolaade

At forty, a man is expected to have gone far well in life. But what shall we say of a nation, still crawling at fifty six? I tell you, Nigeria will develop no further, until all the wrong atmosphere we erroneously celebrate is abolished. It is in Nigeria that anything thought of is possible. The rule seems to be; ‘If you can get away with it, do It.’
Since 1960, when Nigeria gained her independence, the real dividends of democracy have not been enjoyed by her citizens. Instead, the biggest cakes are baked every National Independence Ceremony.
According to the last International Perception Index of Corruption, Nigeria and Cameroon jointly shared the position of 136th most corrupt nations. There is no hidden fact about the neighboring nations with Nigeria being corrupt, but that of our country seems apical.
Corruption and poverty are two sides of the same coin. Regarding this thesis, most corrupt nations turn out to be the poorest nations too. It is poverty that has far-reaching eyes like the eagle’s and twisted horns typical of a Sallah ram. When it gets rid of it’s prey, even the man with the strongest abs can’t save.
In poverty and corruption we sleep, to them we wake and live. They are the songs we sing and to their rhythm we dance. No doubt, we are married to them, with nothing to put asunder, except we cure the endemic and systematic disease_ The Cancer of Corruption.
Obviously, we had an awesome start with our past but respectable comrades, who regardless of pain but national gain, fought for our rightful space under the sun. Violence was never an element they adopted. If bloods were spitted at all, they were those of opposing party. They were leaders and servers. Don’t we then have a clean path through which our current steps can be peacefully retraced?
I can see a nation where envy no longer saps the soul and whose path peace adorn. Nigeria is a lovely dream that can never be shattered if we all play our parts well. It is time our leaders stopped viewing her as a cow to be milked until it does expire. We have the ability. The goal is clear. The time is now!
Arise and salute my country. Long live Nigeria.
Ajiboye Jolaade
Futa, Akure
Ondo State



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