A Thriving Gombe Calls For Admiration #ThisIsGombe

A thriving Gombe calls for admiration

A thriving society is simply one that promotes human flourishing. It must be about its people and in furtherance of the cause of its people; it must be about infrastructure and education and increased opportunities. Gombawas have certainly seen immense improvement in their state over the years as a development-oriented leader have been at the helm of their affairs. The truth in the previous statement becomes more evident in the face of two facts:

  • Gombe remains one of the states in Nigeria with the least Internally Generated Revenue (IGR index).
  • The state occupies the second to last position on the Federal Account Allocation table.

Gombe has progressed in leaps and bounds. Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo came into office in 2011 to continue a fine culture of disciplined leadership that was furthered by his firm grasp of financial management and an unwavering focus on development. The governor has worked tirelessly to ensure that Gombe State lives up to its “Jewel of the Savannah” slogan.

It is necessary in tracking Gombe’s progress to start where its Governor was said to have started – at education. Education was the basis of Governor Dankwabo’s first, second and third developmental priorities upon taking office. To date, nine institutions of higher learning have been established in the state and 1727 classrooms built. The governor’s bets have paid off with increased enrolment to state-owned institutions and higher attendance rates at basic education levels.

Closely connected to the investment in education especially university education is a focus on job creation. By upskilling the citizens of Gombe and creating an environment for the best and brightest to thrive through higher standards of tertiary education, necessary preconditions are being satisfied for the development of new businesses and ideas in the state. The government has also ensured the dispersion of loans totaling N714million to farmers in the state to ensure the sustainability of agriculture. This has led to increased food production both for consumption and for commerce.

The state is also being opened up by road construction that has hit the mark of 1575.02 kilometers. As a result of these roads and the 0.615 kilometers of bridges also constructed, practically all areas of the state are now accessible and the transportation of goods and services both internally and externally has been made easier.

Gombe can also now boast of a prevailing peace and calm that enables indigenes and visitors alike to enjoy the previously highlighted developmental wins as well as the improved power in the state that has come about due to the mix of the national power grid, generators and solar power; and the better water supply courtesy of the Gombe Regional Water Supply scheme that has been built upon from preceding administrations.

There is a lot to gain and very little to lose in visiting Gombe currently. The state is a success story that is continually being edited so that its shine is never lost. Its advancement is a dream come true for many Gombawas and an experience waiting in the wings for people seeking to understand what Governor Dankwambo meant when he said that it is his desire to see the “quality of the Gombe man appreciate.”



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