My Big Brother Naija House Experience

July 11, 2019

So I have been meaning to share my Big Brother Naija experience with you guys. I was among the few lucky journalists/media personalities chosen from across Africa to experience the full Big Brother treatment in the new Big Brother house right here in Lagos, Nigeria just a day before the housemates came in.

I remember the national outrage a couple of years back when Nigerians discovered the phenomenon that is Big Brother Naija was not taking place in Nigeria but in far away South Africa. 

Well, the Big Brother house is back in Nigeria and I am as excited as you all are even though i feel like none of the many challenges like Electric power, the house, production crew, security, catering, medical facilities that took it away from Nigeria in the first place has changed, The organizers just stepped up to make this possible at all cost and for that i must applaud Multichoice. 

From my visit to the new Big Brother House in Lagos, Nigeria, what impressed me the most was the contingency plans in place. There was a backup of a backup of everything. A back up for every scenario you could possibly think of throughout the duration of the show. A whole lot must have gone into that planning and I was really impressed.

The Lagos Big Brother house which was built from scratch is a state of the art facility and I learnt that there were day and night shifts working tirelessly nonstop for five months to make sure Season 4 was successfully brought back to Nigeria. Now, the ‘Pepper Dem’ theme for this year couldn’t have been more apt. We are finally ready to do it the Nigerian way, in Nigeria to the world.

This Big Brother house has a distinct feature from every other house previously used, the Lagos Big Brother house  is the first purpose-built facility in Africa housing all the zones in one complex unlike previous facilities that had the house, studio for the live shows, production and post-production units all in separate buildings and sometimes in different locations. 

This new and improved Big Brother house also comes with support building services such as the sick bay, laundry and artiste lounges. It was designed and built to be bigger and better than any of the Big Brother Africa or Mzansi houses. The house has 7x handheld cameras and 32 cue ball cameras that will capture every activity in and outside the house while at the back end, the technical and operational crew are making use of high-tech equipment which include a full digital audio and video mixers Vsm IP base and a Plus 4K camera with an optical fibre transmission that achieves high image quality and eliminates any delay in transmission of live stream from the house down to wherever you are watching from.

My stay in the house was an interesting one. After a tour of the whole facility where i also learnt that the arena for the Friday night games also received a major upgrade by up to 270sqm and that the live eviction show venue is about +300sqm the size of the previous house, we met the host Ebuka who welcomed us just before we were ushered into the house.

DId i mention that we got the full Big Brother treatment? No mobile phones, no wrist watch, all we had was ourselves. I was very much impressed with the colors and decor of  the house. It didn’t take long for us to settle in, raid the refrigerator and make dinner with the help of the others. I couldn’t help but realise how psychologically challenging spending 90 days in the Big Brother house can be. Every housemate also needs to have a high level of tolerance, ability to work with others and to manage space with others too. It is an experience I won’t be forgetting anytime soon and I think I can add Ex-Big Brother housemate to my bio too now.

My favorite part of the whole house is the Head of House room in this house. Unlike previous Head Of House rooms that didn’t have a separate toilet and bathroom,, this one came en suite and in luxury, fit for a Head Of House.

Sadly we got evicted the next day to pave way for the real housemates who were arriving at the house that evening. 

By the way, we are on day 11. Who is your favorite housemate so far  ?



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