‘I don’t want to be known as Soma Big Brother’ — Watch Soma’s Revealing Interview With Krystn Enem #BBNaija

February 25, 2017

The impact of Big brother Nigeria cannot be over emphasized. There is hardly a week that activities in the house from far away south Africa do not become a topic of discussion on social media. This has got many wishing to be in the house or say how they would have acted if they had the opportunity to be in. However one of the few that got evicted early from the house “Soma” had a sit down Interview with Krystn Enem and he revealed that he won’t want people to tag him as “Soma big brother” .

He however spoke about how he loved every moment in the house, highlighting the wonderful personalities he met. Well, according to him, he has so many things to offer the world than just being a contestant of the on going reality tv show. The newest payporte ambassador expressed to Krystn Enem his respect for 2baba and why he is looking for wizkid.
You want to know what he and gifty are up to? Watch clip



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