Read What Fans Think of Actress Kate Henshaw

Read What Fans Think of Actress Kate Henshaw

Popular Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has just turned a year older and one of those who trooped out to celebrate the iconic actress on social media was Uche Jombo.

In her heartfelt message, Jombo shed light on their relationship and Henshaw’s legacy, adding that fame never changed the celebrant.

My love for the birthday girl is well documented,” Jombo says, adding, “Yes she was the 1st star actress I met in Nollywood (i was a huge fan of ‘when the sun set’ movie) I remember leaving Opa Williams’s office that day with an advice.. @k8henshaw has indirectly affected my attitude to fame.

And in a detailed note, the actress and producer explained that ‘Fame doesn’t change who we are, fame adds to what we are‘.


This note has since been getting all the positive reactions from Henshaw’s fans.

But, doesn’t fame change who we are?

There are a handful of celebrities, like Kate Henshaw, who didn’t let fame change who they are, and they succeeded at this by keeping their affairs off the social media. However, Justin Bieber, has become a modern day example of how fame push people to do things, especially when they’re under intense spotlight.

Yesterday, a new video surfaced online, showing how the Canadian pop star rebuffed excited fans who asked him for a selfie. Over the weekend, the ‘Sorry’ singer attacked yet another fan during his concert at Atlantic City, the crime being that the over-excited fan gifted him a hat. The singer who previously basked in fans’ adoration is now repulsed by their excitement.

This clear distinction shows how fame affects different people. And to see what people think, we took a trip to Twitter.

From those who believe fame has immense effect on a human being:



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