12 Things You’ll Perfectly Understand If You Love Food

June 10, 2016

If we were to be painfully honest, a lot of us love love food. In fact it holds a special place in our hearts but some people would never own up to the fact. However if you’re no longer in denial about your unabashed love for food then you will totally relate to this piece by LAZYWRITA.

1.When you really can’t understand why someone would stop eating to lose weight

How possible is that???

2.When you literally feel pains when bae tells you he ate something nice without you

Its so over…

3.Your reaction when someone says come buy these very expensive clothes

Nah…you only spend  that kind of money on good food

4.How you look at a menu

but the truth is you want every damn thing

5.When you go to an owambe and they tell you food has finished

What do think I cam here for?

6.How you create space in your stomach for more food

7. When your Pastor announces that there is going to be a one month fasting and prayer

Joking? No? Well count me out cos I don’t deal like that.

8.When you’re hungry but your boss comes with more files

No… I quit

9.When you Hear there is going to be a party in your compound this weekend by the rich neighbours

10.When your every thought is centred on food food and more food


11. When you fall sick but still do your best to eat

12. When you hear there is free lunch somewhere



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